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Fleuron Packing Co., Ltd., As an entity enterprise, the company combines production and sales, owns over 7000 square meters' plants, and independent production workshop, dormitory, office building and playground, Basketball Court for the staffs, even equipped certain leisure recreational facilities, such as KTV Room, Table Tennis, Badminton, Rope Skipping, Hula Hoop and more. Inside the factory, with a thick bushes plants and trees, the environment is fresh and elegant. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of middle and high grade packaging box, for example, Jewelry box, humidor (Cigar box), watch box, watch winder, coin box, wine box, cosmetic box, perfume box and other high-grade gift box. According to the material classification, there are wooden boxes, plastic boxes, leather boxes, and paper boxes and so on. For the materials, many of them are imported from abroad, or customized from the best raw materials factories in the mainland. For instance, the inner of the cigar box is applied the rare 100% AAAAA level of pure Span cedar wood, which guarantees and elevates your collection taste via the special pure natural wood smell; and the outer box is focus on expensive woods, like Brazil rosewood, India rosewood, ebony wood and more. The inner material of the case includes Italy leather, imitation leather flocking, America Pig Pell (PP Flocking) or flocking and PU that customized in the mainland.


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    GuangDong Province.China
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